Renfrewshire Council

How we set our council budget

What a council budget is, where we get our funding from, what we spend it on, what else we have to consider, how we balance the budget.

What a council budget is

The Council budget sets out our revenue and capital spending for the financial year, which runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Revenue is the day-to-day running costs to provide services and includes salary and wage costs, property costs, supplies and services, administration costs, interest payments and repayment of debts. Capital spending is what we spend on our council owned buildings and assets.

At the Council budget meeting, any increase to the rate of Council Tax and any increase to service charges and housing rent is also agreed.

Where we get our funding from

Around 21% of our funding in 2022/23 will be raised through Council Tax, with the rest coming from Scottish Government grants (78%) and a one-off use of reserves (1%).

What we spend it on

We are required to deliver a number of statutory services such as education, care and environmental services and funding is also committed to delivering a number of national policies such as free personal care for the elderly and the expansion of early learning and childcare.

  • A large part of our budget is spent on education and social care services.
  • There's also dedicated spend on environment and infrastructure, which includes all our recycling, roads maintenance, street cleaning and towards the upkeep and maintenance of all council facilities.
  • We also provide funds for OneRen to operate the region's libraries, museums and sports facilities.

See a  financial summary of our spending for 2022 to 2023 [165KB] .

What else we have to consider

Like every household budget, each year our costs increase with the rate of inflation on the cost of goods. We also have to manage the increasing demand for our services and changes to the way people live their lives.

Our budget also takes account of staff salaries. We are a living wage employer and must also manage any pay award negotiated nationally.

More services than ever before are now available online through MyAccount and we're future proofing our approach, looking at ways to be more efficient whilst managing the growing need for our services, such as health and social care services which support independent living.

How we balance the budget

  • By delivering best value - the Accounts Commission recognises 'our effective financial management' and 'sound medium-term financial strategy'
  • We deliver savings through improved ways of working, with cashless catering in our schools, better recycling and by reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions through energy efficiency projects such as how we recycle our waste, boiler upgrades and new heating systems.
  • We consider the impact of increases to Council Tax and to charges for services and housing rent.
  • We take steps to ensure our debt is managed as efficiently as possible, keeping borrowing costs to a minimum.