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CWRR Project - Land Assembly

Scottish Ministers granted planning consent for the CWRR project on 16th November 2018. This enables the construction of: a new opening bridge across the River Clyde, which can accommodate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians; new roads linking Inchinnan Road in the south, Ferry Road / Kings Inch Road in the east and Dock Street in the north, to the bridge; shared footway and cycleway along all new and improved roads; buildings to enable plant and control facilities for the bridge; appropriate landscaping and ancillary infrastructure. 

To progress the project, which aims to enable a range of social, economic and physical benefits to local communities and the wider City Region, the next steps include assembling the land required to construct the project. The project is being funded as part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal, which includes the Clyde Waterfront & Renfrew Riverside and Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) projects. Whilst linked to other City Deal projects in Renfrewshire, this is a discrete project and is not inter-dependent on the remaining City Deal infrastructure projects.

The project team have been in regular dialogue with landowners regarding voluntary acquisition of the land required for the project and progress has been made in these discussions. In line with Scottish Government guidance, however, public sector projects are encouraged to use compulsory purchase orders, where necessary and appropriate, in parallel to the voluntary acquisition process to ensure the project benefits can be delivered to communities without delay.

Notices of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) were therefore sent to all affected land owners, tenants etc. on 18th and 19th February 2019. The CPO will also be advertised in the Paisley Daily Express on 22nd February and 1st March 2019. The CPO will then be submitted to Scottish Government Ministers for confirmation. The CPO will only come into operation if confirmed by Scottish Government Ministers.

The project team will continue to seek voluntary agreements with landowners, as our preferred approach, in parallel with the CPO.

Copies of the Order (including Location Maps) and the Council's Statement of Reasons for Making the Order can be accessed from the 'related documents' section of this page. All signed copies of the CPO documentation can also be reviewed at the Customer Service Centre at Renfrewshire House.

Further information about CPOs is available on the Scottish Government website.

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