Renfrewshire Council

Erskine in the Your Home, Your Street, Our Community programme

The Your Home, Your Street, Our Community programme was in Erskine after being identified by key community safety partners as in need of additional support.

Identified issues

Erskine residents identified the main issues for them were:

  • Anti-social behaviour in Bargarran
  • Youth gathering and underage drinking
  • Litter
  • Higher police presence required

Actions undertaken

  • Full partnership support at Erskine Gala Day and other community events to raise awareness of the initiative.
  • Support for and engagement with the already established Erskine and Inchinnan Community Safety Partnership
  • High visibility joint patrols after school and in evenings to provide reassurance and address youth related antisocial behaviour. Over 100 young people were spoken to with several home visits carried out in relation to large congregations and underage drinking leading to antisocial behaviour.
  • Evidence gathered from community in relation to local addicts, misuse and dealing being followed up by relevant partner agencies for support and enforcement.
  • Increased licensed premises checks carried out as well as test purchasing operations targeting offending premises.
  • Training provided to staff at local licensed premises to address issues of drug dealing within the premises.
  • An environmental audit carried out with a number of actions being followed up by the Council, the Community Payback team and the local community in relation to tree cutting, litter, graffiti removal, dog fouling etc.
  • The responsible dog ownership strategy and Team up to Clean up used to form part of the sustainability arm of the initiative.
  • Deployment of Street Stuff activities both in the evenings and school holidays with the provision of a healthy meal.
  • Free swim passes from Renfrewshire Leisure
  • A Youth Club facilitated by Youth Services at Bargarran Community Centre


Analysis is carried out which allows comparison to be made pre and post intervention for the same reporting period the previous year.

  • Litter and fly-tipping
    • Significant reduction from 19 incidents to 2
  • Bridgewater Shopping Centre had no complaints, having been the highest repeat area for offences previously
  • Vandalism
    • Reduced by more than half - 49 to 24
  • Serious and Violent Crime
    • No recorded incidents during 2017 - reduction from 2 in 2016
  • Disorder
    • Reduced by 24% - 201 from 266
  • Dog fouling
    • 12 complaints - remained the same
  • Drugs
    • Increase from 5 crimes to 11. This could be explained by the increased police presence in the area during the intervention period.