Renfrewshire Council

Universal Credit Checklist

Here's our Universal Credit checklist to help you make a claim.

It is important that you have as much information to hand when making a claim for Universal Credit.

You need this information is required to make a claim:

  • Your postcode.
  • Your National Insurance Number.
  • Proof of your identity, such as your passport, drivers licence or EEA national identity card.  If you don't have photo ID, the Jobcentre may ask security questions about yourself and use other evidence to identify you.
  • Proof of your address, such as an official letter from a bank or energy company.
  • Details of your bank, building society or credit union account, including its name, sort code and account number.  If you don't have an account you will need to open one.
  • Your email address.
  • The type of accommodation you live in, for example if you are a council tenant, private tenant, housing association tenant or have a private mortgage.
  • Your landlord's name and address (if you rent).
  • How much you pay in rent and how often.  The DWP refers to this as your housing costs.  It is crucial that you inform DWP of your correct "Housing Costs".  Your landlord will be asked by the DWP to verify your housing costs.  If the information your landlord provides the DWP is different from what you have declared, it could lead to a delay or non-payment of the housing costs element within the first UC payment. 
  • If applicable, how many 'rent free' weeks your landlord allows.  If you are a Renfrewshire Council tenant, you are entitled to four rent free weeks (catch up weeks) each year.
  • Details of how much you earn from work.
  • Details of any income that's not from work, for example from a pension or child maintenance payments.
  • Details of any savings you have.
  • Details of any other benefits you are receiving.