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Claiming Universal Credit

Here you will find information on how you claim Universal Credit.

From September 2018, if:

  • You make a new claim for one of the six key benefits or tax credits, or
  • Something changes which means your benefits need to be reassessed,

then you will be asked to claim Universal Credit.

Claims for Universal Credit (UC) can only be made online. To visit the UK government's website, see Universal Credit claims under 'related links'. You can apply using a personal computer (PC), a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Tip: It is important that you make your claim as soon as you can. Your claim will only start from the date that it is submitted.

Before applying make sure you have an email address and all the necessary information to hand. There is a checklist on our website that you can use to make sure you have everything you need before you begin. Click on UC Checklist under 'related articles'.

Tip: Make a note of your username, password and 10-12 digit personal number as you will need this in the future.

There are people who can help you to get online, whether you need help accessing a computer or the internet, or if you aren't confident about how to make an online application.

Tip: Click on Getting Online under 'related articles' to find more information on who can help you to make an online application, and how to access computers and the internet.

Here is a video published by the DWP which shows you how to claim:

Get help to check entitlement to UC

If you are unsure whether you need to apply for UC, or whether you can remain on your existing current benefits (such as Tax Credits and Housing Benefit), contact Advice Works who will be able to advise you.

You can also visit the UK Government's benefit calculator webpage (see 'related links') to find out whether you are entitled to UC.