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More information about your bins, collections and waste

What goes in each bin, if your bins are full or not big enough, if you need more bins or bags, bin sharing stickers, what new residents should do, help with assisted collections, other ways to recycle or dispose of waste.

We're committed to reducing the costs of disposing of our waste while reducing the impact on the environment and the amount of waste we send to landfill.

Our collection service is designed to meet our obligations and encourage a higher level of recycling.

What goes in each bin

  • Green bin or sack - plastics, cans, cartons and glass - glass can't be collected in sacks and should go to the nearest recycling point
  • Blue bin or sack - paper, card and cardboard
  • Brown Bin - garden and food waste
  • Food caddy - food waste only
  • Grey bin or sack - non-recyclable waste

Grey bins are collected every three weeks. However, some tenements or flats are on a fortnightly collection. Sack collections have a weekly collection

Blue and green bins/sacks are collected on alternate fortnights.

Brown bins and food caddies are collected weekly.

You will receive a collection of at least one bin/sack every week.

Bin collections in Erskine

Certain Erskine residents are not currently in line with the above service, but will move to it in September 2021. Find out more here: Erskine.

If your grey bin is filling up ahead of the next collection

Our research has shown that if all recyclable material is separated correctly, your bins should provide enough space within the collection cycle.

Make sure all possible items are placed in the correct bin and take a little extra time to separate recyclable items - this will free up a lot more space in your grey bin.

Ensuring you use your brown bin for food and garden waste, or your food caddy for food waste, will free up a substantial amount of space in your grey bin.

If you have additional waste, this can be taken to any of our Household Waste Recycling Centres free of charge.

Why the waste is split into blue and green bins

Collecting paper, card and cardboard separately from plastics, cans and glass produces a better quality of material and reduces contamination of the recyclable items.

This means we can recycle and reuse more and it also cut down costs of disposal for us which can then be reinvested in other services.

What happens if you put items in the wrong bin

To avoid mixing recyclables and non-recyclables, it is essential that residents put their waste in the correct bins.

If your bin has the wrong items in it, a member of the collection team may leave a tag on it advising on the corrective action required.

We won't be able to collect recycling bins that are contaminated with excessive amounts of non-recyclable waste.

A full list of items that can and can't be recycled in each bin is available on the My Bins section of this website.

If your recycling bin is not big enough

We may be able to supply larger blue or green recycling bins for households that produce a lot of recyclable material, check with the team via MyBins.

Alternatively you are able to take additional waste to any of our household waste recycling centres.

If you  don't have enough room in your grey waste bin

To create more space in the bins, try to collapse items such as boxes before putting them in.

Are you ensuring all your food waste goes into the brown bin or your food caddy?

Plastic containers and bottles can take up a lot of room, these should go straight into your green bin after being squashed down.

If you're using all your containers and find that you regularly have excess waste, you can apply for an extra or larger bin.

Depending on the circumstances, we'll provide extra bins or change your bin for a different size. Get in touch and a waste advisor will discuss your circumstances and your household's needs prior to any changes being made.

If you have lot of nappies or incontinence pads

We will provide additional capacity for non-recyclable waste to householders meeting the following criteria;

  • five or more permanent residents in the household
  • non-recyclable healthcare wastes are generated
  • two or more children aged three or under in disposable nappies
  • exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Waste Services Manager.

If this affects you, please contact us to arrange a visit with a waste adviser - MyBins.

If you need more biodegradable bags to collect food waste

Yes. These can be requested in the following methods:

  • Tie one to the handle of your brown bin/food caddy (our teams have a limited supply on their collection routes)
  • Email My Bins to request them to be sent to you
  • Pick them up directly from your nearest recycling centre

What food residue is a and why it can't go in your blue or green bin

Food residue is any food that may have stuck to or soaked into any recyclable material and we ask that you rinse all containers prior to recycling

If your paper and cardboard has food residue attached then it could contaminate the whole recycling process, making it more difficult to recycle and reuse the materials.

If you need support for your assisted collection

We want to ensure that all residents on an assisted collection have the support they need so if you need anything, please get in touch via MyBins or 0300 300 0380.

Where else you can recycle or dispose of waste

We have five household waste recycling centres:

  • Paisley, Underwood Road, PA3 1TL
  • Renfrew, Haining Road, PA4 0AJ
  • Erskine, Barrhill Road, PA8 6BU
  • Johnstone, Miller Street, PA5 8HP
  • Linwood, Middleton Road, PA3 3DP

For the full list of items that can be recycled at the household waste and recycling centres and how to use them, visit our HWRC section.

What the shared bin sticker means

Bins that have a shared bin sticker are for the use of everyone in the block. It is the responsibility of the residents to present these bins on the appropriate collection day and return them once collected.

If you have extra waste that won't fit in your bins

If you have extra waste or recycling you can retain it until the next collection cycle or alternatively dispose of it, free of charge, at one of Renfrewshire's five household waste recycling centres at Paisley, Erskine, Renfrew, Johnstone or Linwood.

You can also recycle additional types of materials at these facilities such as large electrical items and metal.

Opening times and a full list of items accepted at our centres can be found here: HWRC.

If you don't get a brown bin

Not all properties have the full range of kerbside services due to types of housing or access issues for our vehicles.

Some flats and tenements and all rural properties are not provided with a garden and food waste collection. Flats and tenements are provided with a weekly food waste caddy service as an alternative.

How to ask for a smaller grey, blue, green or brown bin

Yes, please contact us via My Bins.

How to organise a special uplift

We can pick up large bulky items of household waste and rubbish from your home like cookers, fridges and furniture. There's a standard charge for each uplift, payable in advance. If you're a council tenant, two uplifts per year are included in your rent. We aim to pick up general household items within three working days after receiving your payment or order.

You can arrange an uplift on our website via the Special Uplift section or by calling 0300 300 0300.

New residents - how to get your rubbish and recycling bins collected

Call our Customer Services Centre on 0300 300 0300 to order your bins.

More advice on bin collections

If you need support with your collection service or advice on how to recycle more effectively, please get in touch via My Bins.

We also use our social media channels to provide helpful advice and there is also information available in this section of the website.