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HWRC Permit FAQs

At this time, vehicles requiring a permit can visit Linwood's Household Waste Recycling Centre only.

A permit system is in place again for commercial-style vehicles using our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Why is this in place

Our recycling centres are for Renfrewshire residents and should only be used for disposing or recycling household waste.

Currently we have a number of commercial businesses and traders attempting to use these facilities free of charge. This isn't fair and is illegal. The permit system aims to reduce the cost to Renfrewshire residents of illegal use of our HWRCs by businesses.

The permit system will show us who is a genuine Renfrewshire resident disposing of household waste.

How do I apply for a permit

Complete your application here: HWRC permit.   

A permit confirmation will be emailed to you.

You will need to bring a paper or electronic copy of the permit, photo identification AND proof of residency to the recycling centre.

Failure to produce any of these documents will result in refusal to tip.

The permit must be in the name and address of the driver of the vehicle.

Please be aware that, due to demand, you may be asked to come back another day. Last entry for vans, pickup or trailers is 6pm.

What information will I need to provide before being issued with a permit?

We will ask for your name, address, vehicle registration, date of visit, Household Waste Recycling Centre location, description of waste and a signed declaration that the waste you are disposing of is not commercial.

I'm hiring a vehicle and do not know the registration, can I still apply for a permit?

Yes, simply type 'Hire Vehicle' in the vehicle registration box in the application form.

Alternatively, you can complete the permit application form when you know the vehicle registration as permits are generated automatically.

Do I need a permit to access the Household Waste Recycling Centre in my car?

No, cars do not require a permit unless they are towing a trailer.

However, any waste may be subject to inspection by the site attendant and will be rejected if it is suspected to be commercial waste.

You are still required bring proof of residency with you, e.g council tax or utility bill.

What type of vehicles need a permit?

Vehicles that are commonly associated with commercial activity need a permit.

Vehicles NOT ALLOWED on siteVehicles ALLOWED on site with a permit
A vehicle with commercial wasteVans (less than 3.5t, max 4 wheels)

Vehicles over 3.5t gross weight

Tipper vehiclesCar, van and pick-up with a trailer less than 1.8 m long x 1.2 m wide
Vehicles with a trailer more than 1.8 m long x 1.2 m wideMini bus (8 or more seats)
Vehicles with twin axle trailers 

Vehicles with more than 4 wheels


Can I access a Household Waste Recycling Centre in a hire van?

Yes, provided you have a permit, proof of residency and photo identification.

I have hired a 'man with a van' to get rid of my rubbish. Can I apply for a permit on their behalf?

No. If you pay someone to take away your rubbish it becomes commercial waste. They must pay to have the waste disposed of via a licenced waste contractor. They cannot bring your waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Please remember to check anyone disposing of waste on your behalf is a registered waste carrier. You must receive paperwork to prove where it goes. Without it, you could be prosecuted.

Why do I need to bring proof of residency and photo identification?

Household Waste Recycling Centres are for Renfrewshire residents only. We need proof that you are a resident and that only the permit holder is disposing of waste on site.

What if I don't live here but am assisting a friend/relative who is a Renfrewshire resident and require access to a Recycling Centre on their behalf?

If you are acting on behalf of a friend or relative and they cannot come to the recycling centre with you, you should apply for a permit in your name and bring a paper or electronic copy of the permit,  your ID with you along with a proof of residency document for the Renfrewshire Council address the waste is coming from e.g. council tax or utility bill. The permit must always be in the name of the driver of the vehicle.

Do I need to apply for a new permit every time I visit the Household Waste Recycling Centre?

Permits are valid for one day only and for a maximum of three visits.

You will need to complete a new application for visits made on different days.

If you do not use your permit on the date indicated it becomes invalid. You will be required to submit a new application with the correct date on it for your next visit.

What happens if I haven't got a permit?

Any van or other restricted vehicle arriving at the Recycling Centre without a valid permit will be refused entry and informed of the permit application procedure.

What is commercial waste?

Any waste that comes from a commercial/business activity is commercial waste. If you use part of your home to run your business then any waste from that part is commercial waste. If you pay someone to take away your waste it becomes commercial waste and this cannot be brought to any Renfrewshire HWRC.

This includes 'man and a van' services, gardeners, tradespeople and childminders.

Any tradesperson carrying out work in your home e.g. gardener or builder should dispose of the waste themselves; this cannot not be taken to a HWRC. It is your responsibility and theirs to ensure they dispose of this waste at via a licenced waste contractor, in accordance with their Duty of Care.

Visit our Trade Waste page for further details.

I run my business from home, does this mean my waste is commercial waste?

If the waste is generated from your business activities, rather than activities of your household, it is classified as commercial waste and must be disposed of in accordance with your Duty of Care.

For more information on your responsibilities as a commercial waste producer visit our Trade Waste pages .

I am renovating my house, can I bring DIY waste to the HWRC?

No, by law waste types, such as DIY waste, that you may produce through building or renovation work in your home or garden are classed as 'non-household waste' and the Council does not have to accept this type of waste. See the DIY section on our HWRC Permit page.

What happens if I bring commercial waste to the HWRC?

If an offence has been committed by the depositing of trade, industrial or commercial waste then prosecution may be sought which may make you liable:

  • on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and/or a fine not exceeding £40,000 or both; or
  • on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years and/or a fine may be liable  

We may also issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200.

We may share any details of businesses we suspect to be illegally disposing of waste with Scottish Environment Protection Agency for further investigation.

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