Renfrewshire Council

Criteria for Community Empowerment Funding

The criteria that you need to demonstrate when applying for Community Empowerment Funding.

We are looking for applications that promote or improve economic development, regeneration, public health, social wellbeing, environmental wellbeing or reduce socio-economic inequalities.

It is important applicants to the fund will be able to demonstrate the following:

Able to demonstrate positive impact for local communities

  • You have identified the community need for your project, as well as clearly showing the changes your project will bring.
  • You can clearly explain the impact your project will have, and how you will know whether you have achieved change.

The community are involved in the design and delivery of the project

  • You can evidence how the community are involved in the development of your idea, and supportive of your plans.
  • Your plans show the community will continue to have a voice in the delivery and oversight of your project.
  • You are able to demonstrate a clear commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, making sure that different types of people are supported and empowered to engage with your project.

Good working relationships and partnership with others

  • You can demonstrate that you are able to develop and sustain good working relationships with others.
  • You have a clear commitment to partnership working.

The project is viable and sustainable

  • You are able to demonstrate how your project can be financially sustainable.
  • Your organisation has the appropriate skills, experience and qualifications to deliver the project, or has a plan for engaging people who do
  • Your organisation should have suitable governance arrangements in place for the scale of the project, and should have clear succession plans in place for the recruitment of Board members or trustees

Strategic fit with the fund objectives and criteria

  • You understand how your project fits with the strategic priorities of Renfrewshire Council and Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership. 
  • Your project is complementary to existing facilities and provisions in the local area.

Value for money and leverage of additional funding and/or resources

  • You are able to demonstrate value for money
  • You are able to identify and secure other funding sources to support the development of your project, including the leverage of additional funding into Renfrewshire.