Renfrewshire Council

Nominations for representative to education committee

Following the local government elections held on 4 May 2017, Renfrewshire Council established a committee to oversee the delivery of the education service within the area. 

Membership of the this committee includes one representative of the Church of Scotland and one representative of the Roman Catholic Church. 

However, a third religious representative requires to be selected by the Council having regard to the comparative strength within the area of all the churches and denominational bodies having duly constituted charges or other appointed places of worship therein.

Nominations are invited by the Council of persons who would be suitable as the third representative. 

Nominations may be lodged by individuals on their own behalf or by churches and denominational bodies having duly constituted charges or other regularly appointed places of worship within Renfrewshire. Such nominations must be in writing and should contain the full name and address of any person seeking nomination together with a statement as to why he/she regards him/herself as worthy of selection. 

Any church or denominational body which wishes to nominate a person to be considered for selection must provide a statement to indicate why their nominee should be considered for selection and indicating the number of people who are members of their church or denominational body and such further information which supports the application as they may wish.

Everyone who has made a nomination will be informed of the outcome of the selection.

If you would like further information, please contact Lilian Belshaw, Democratic Services Manager on 0141 618 7112.

Nominations should be forwarded to the Head of Corporate Governance, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley PA1 1TT on or before Friday 16 February 2018.