Renfrewshire Council

Outcome 3: Tackling inequality, ensuring opportunities for all

Significant inequalities exist across Renfrewshire's communities. The economic challenges of the past have had a long term impact on the life chances of local people with a widening gap evident in terms of educational attainment, employment, health and wellbeing and poverty.

Renfrewshire is home to some of the most deprived areas in Scotland, but we can no longer think of deprivation and inequality as solely being related to where we live. There is a need to think bigger and tackle the "new face" of poverty: - poverty affecting those who are working and still struggling to make ends meet. This needs a different approach:- taking forward initiatives which target the inequalities being experienced by specific groups of people, whilst ensuring that everyone is able to access opportunities which will improve their lives. We will ensure there is a focus on "inclusive growth", so everyone can benefit from Renfrewshire's regeneration.

A key focus for the Council will be children and young people. We will drive improvements in educational attainment for all, whilst tackling the poverty-related attainment gap. Working with partners, we will ensure that children get the best start in life and thrive in supportive learning environments, homes and communities. We will work hard to celebrate the achievements of young people and involve them meaningfully in services and in the work of the Council.

Renfrewshire is a place where diversity can be celebrated. We will continue to work with partners and communities to recognise the different needs that people may have, and ensure that we continue to listen to the voices of those not often heard.

What are our priorities?

  • Lifting communities out of poverty and ensuring that everyone is able to benefit from economic and cultural regeneration plans.
  • Ensuring our children get the best possible start in life and thrive in supportive learning and care environments.
  • Focusing on the poverty related attainment gap, and working with partners to make sure young people can achieve success after leaving school.
  • Tackling health inequalities, promoting healthy lifestyles, physical activity and positive mental health.
  • Celebrating diversity within our communities, and ensuring that the voice and needs of different groups within society are heard.

What we will do:

  • Deliver a range of interventions to support financial inclusion across Renfrewshire.
  • Take forward a "Celebrating Youth" programme, offering young people in Renfrewshire the chance to get involved and to participate in a range of social, cultural, digital and sport activities.
  • Introduce a youth and equalities forum as a key element of local engagement.
  • Ensure Renfrewshire is a "Child Friendly" place where children are nurtured and thrive.
  • Further develop our early years curriculum to support new legislation and in particular the additional hours being allocated for early learning and childcare.
  • Provide high quality education and support to narrow the poverty related attainment gap.
  • Deliver approaches to help mitigate the impacts of welfare reform.
  • Working with local equalities led community groups and employees to implement specific and meaningful equalities outcomes.
  • Develop innovative approaches for tackling social isolation across all groups in society.
  • Take forward targeted action to address the number of drug related deaths in Renfrewshire.
  • Maximise use of leisure assets in Renfrewshire, promoting positive health and mental wellbeing.
  • Review support for young carers, identifying opportunities to improve life chances.