Renfrewshire Council

Outcome 2: Building strong, safe and resilient communities

Renfrewshire's people and communities are our best asset. There is a thriving network of community groups, organisations and expertise locally, with real potential to maximise emerging opportunities arising through new community empowerment legislation.

The places and houses in which people live are fundamental to quality of life. We have worked hard in recent years to progress significant housing regeneration programmes, and we will need to do more to ensure that quality, affordable housing is available to meet the changing needs of Renfrewshire's population.

With partners, we will continue to focus on public protection. In Renfrewshire, we have seen a 3% reduction in crime since 2013/14, with a 65% reduction in the number of incidents of antisocial behaviour over the last 5 years. Initiatives such as the Community Safety Partnership Hub have been recognised as best practice approaches nationally. Challenges remain in relation to levels of gender based violence, cyber crime, drug-related crime and wilful fire-raising.

In terms of wider protection issues, there are increasing levels of individual vulnerability that partners will continue to work together on. For example, Renfrewshire has high numbers of children impacted by parental neglect and drug and alcohol misuse and has also seen a significant increase in the number of adult protection concerns raised.

Partnership work in relation to counter-terrorism and civil contingencies will also be a key priority for the Council going forward, ensuring that the Renfrewshire area is able to respond effectively to challenges that emerge.

What are our priorities?

  • Working with partners to ensure local communities are safe and vibrant places to live.
  • Protecting vulnerable people, and ensuring people receive the care and support they need to live safely and independently within their own homes and communities.
  • Ensuring that local people have access to quality, affordable housing.
  • Strengthening existing community networks and empowering local people to become more involved in their area and the services delivered there.
  • Working with communities to support the regeneration of some of our most disadvantaged areas.
  • Ensuring all towns and villages in Renfrewshire are better connected and able to participate in social, cultural or economic activities across the Renfrewshire area.

What we will do:

  • Deliver the Local Housing Strategy to ensure good quality and affordable housing is available which meets the needs of the local population going forward.
  • Work to tackle unregistered private landlords to ensure required housing standards are met.
  • Implement recommendations flowing from the national reviews of child protection and the care system.
  • Continue to develop residential provision in childcare.
  • Work with key partners in local areas to empower people to develop and deliver services, assets and facilities in their local communities.
  • Develop and deliver strategies for how the Council will respond locally to the risks posed by serious organised crime and terrorism.
  • Design a new way of working with key partners to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable adults in our area, ensuring they get the right support at the right time.
  • Along with our key partners we will monitor and review the impact of the range of services we provide to homeless people and those threatened with homelessness.
  • Develop and deliver phase 2 of the Renfrewshire Community Safety Partnership Hub.
  • Implement a new approach for Local Area Committees.
  • Work with communities to develop local action plans to tackle the issues people care about most.
  • Make Renfrewshire a leader in supporting volunteering within communities.
  • Continue to modernise our school estate, maximising opportunities for communities to benefit from new facilities.