Renfrewshire Council

Outcome 1: Reshaping our place, our economy and our future

We want everyone to know that Renfrewshire is "open for business". Our economy is of national importance, with a significant proportion of Scotland's manufactured exports coming from the area. The area has had its challenges however, with a sustained period of decline for industry and investment having a long term negative impact on employment and population growth.

In recent times positive opportunities for growth and investment have emerged, and the Council and its partners have shared ambitions to maximise opportunities arising from City Deal and participation across the wider Glasgow City Region, from culturally-led regeneration, tourism and emerging digital and manufacturing sectors locally.

Renfrewshire has a number of great assets which we can use as a catalyst for growth:- the potential accessibility of our towns and town centres with great connectivity through major transport hubs and Glasgow Airport; our heritage and culture which we will use to encourage visitor numbers and tourism; and the skills and potential of local people who must be able to reap the benefits of this growth.

Critical to our success will be our ability to grow Renfrewshire's working age population which is anticipated to decrease by 13% between 2014 and 2039. The current economic climate will make it challenging to fund the infrastructure that is needed to support economic and population growth including housing, schools and roads, and in our cultural assets and heritage. The Council will be ambitious in its approach, ensuring that there is a lasting legacy for the Paisley 2021 bid.

What are our priorities?

  • Driving the local economy by identifying and supporting growth in new sectors which provide employment and training opportunities for more people.
  • Delivering significant programmes of economic and cultural regeneration which will transform Renfrewshire and its prospects.
  • Investing and delivering on infrastructure, promoting accessibility and attracting investment in our area.
  • Making Renfrewshire a truly "Digital" location, which is ready to embrace and maximise the benefits of digital change.
  • Promoting Renfrewshire as a place to live, work in and visit.
  • Achieving recognition for local cultural excellence.

What we will do:

  • Deliver our City Deal Projects - the Glasgow Airport Investment Area, the Airport Access Project, Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside and City Region wide employment programmes.
  • Support the Regional Economic Framework and locally driving economic progress through the Renfrewshire Economic Leadership Panel.
  • Progress our digital ambitions, implementing free public wi-fi across our town centres and working with partners to promote digital skills and development.
  • Invest in our cultural and economic infrastructure, transforming Paisley Town Hall, Paisley Learning Hub and Paisley Museum.
  • Deliver on the ambitions of our town centre strategies, and specifically working with partners to transform Paisley Town Centre.
  • Continue to invest in infrastructure to support growth - from road and rail links to bridges, cycle and pedestrian routes.
  • Implement our destination marketing plans.
  • Deliver a range of diverse and exciting events to increase visitor numbers and grow local event attendances.
  • Work to increase the number of new business and social enterprise start ups in Renfrewshire, using innovative approaches to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Proactively work with absent landlords to bring some of the area's most valued assets back into use.
  • Support growth activity in relation to emerging manufacturing, digital, culture and food industries locally.