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Westway SPZ - Masterplan Image

Westway Distribution and Business Park Simplified Planning Zone - Consultation


Westway is Scotland's largest fully enclosed industrial distribution and office park

WB Westway LP, as the site owner are fully committed to encouraging economic development, investment, and place making at Westway. Westway has been identified as a suitable location to establish a Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) which would support the delivery of an approved masterplan and would be an exciting opportunity to further grow the Business Park as a major employer in the area.

Renfrewshire Council are currently consulting on the proposal to prepare a SPZ at Westway.

What is a Simplified Planning Zone?

A Simplified Planning Zone is an area where the need to apply for planning permission for certain types of development is removed so long as the development complies with the details and guidance set out in the Scheme. The SPZ Scheme deals with the planning issues 'up front' and confirms what type of development, and how much, is allowed.

Benefits and Scope

If adopted a SPZ is likely to result in benefits for developers and businesses and will help stimulate development thorough savings in time, money and effort by removing the need to apply for planning permission for certain types of development and provides certainty on the type of development and uses that are to be permitted. The scope of the SPZ will be determined during the SPZ preparation phase. It is anticipated that the SPZ Scheme would permit the erection / extension of industrial and distribution floorspace, new office space and the refurbishment of existing buildings within the business park in line with the approved masterplan. In addition there will also be an opportunity to deliver additional complementary uses including cafes/restaurants, leisure uses and day nurseries in support of the business park.

Preparing the SPZ Scheme

The table below sets out the main stages and estimated timescales in preparing a SPZ for Westway Distribution and Business Park. We are currently at Stage 1.





Pre-deposit consultation: consult all owners within the proposed SPZ and all statutory consultees (First Consultation Stage)*

September 2016


Community Consultation Event - to be held at Westway Distribution and Business Park,Gatehouse Building, Porterfield Road, Renfrew PA4 8DJ

Thursday 8th September 2016



Consider feedback and comments

September - October 2016


Prepare the detailed content of the SPZ Scheme

September - December 2016


Place the SPZ Scheme on deposit for 6 weeks (Second Consultation Stage)

January 2017


Consider comments and representations and seek to overcome any objections

January / March 2017


Publish the intention to adopt SPZ Scheme and notify Scottish Ministers

May 2017


Scheme adopted for a period of 10 years

June 2017


Westway SPZ Pre Deposit Consultation

Initial consultation is being undertaken into the proposals to create a SPZ at Westway. A Fact Sheet has been prepared and can be viewed in the Related documents. This provides further details on the process for preparing a SPZ, likely benefits and the anticipated scope of the Scheme.

Any person who wishes to make comments to the Council regarding the preparation of a SPZ at Westway should send them to by Wednesday 21 September 2016 or at the address below:

Development and Housing Services, Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley, PA1 1JD

Drop in Day

A drop in consultation event is to be held at Westway on Thursday 8 September 2016 between 10am and 5pm. It will be held within the conference room of the Gatehouse Building, Westway, Porterfield Road, Renfrew. All tenants at the Business Park and interested parties are welcomed to attend.

Supporting Information

A number of supporting documentation has already been prepared which will inform the SPZ Scheme and which can be viewed in the Related documents. Additional Supporting Information will be available as the SPZ Scheme Progresses.