Renfrewshire Council

Pet food

Renfrewshire Council operates a food waste recycling scheme which has been delivered to all properties currently on wheeled bin services and all high rise flats and modern flats/maisonettes with communal waste storage, with the exception of those on rural route collection.

How to use the new food waste service

  • Put one of the free liners into your indoor caddy.
  • Put all cooked and uncooked food waste into your indoor caddy.
  • When the liner is almost full, tie it, remove it from the indoor caddy and replace with a new liner.
  • Put the full liner into your outdoor caddy or communal food bin.
  • Place your outdoor caddy or communal food bin at your normal collection point on your collection day. We will collect it every week. What can I put in my caddy?
  • Your new food waste recycling service can be used for all food - cooked and uncooked. It will even take pet food, egg shells and bones!

You can put in leftovers from meals, leftovers from food preparation and out-of-date food left in the fridge or kitchen cupboards

If you have extra or unwanted pet food you can donate it to the SSPCA to be used in their re-homing centre's. You can find more details of how to donate here

If you are not on a food collection service at this time your leftover pet food should be put in your grey bin.

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