Renfrewshire Council

Gaelic education

How we support learning in the Gaelic language, our Gaelic language plan, who to contact if you want your child to be educated in Gaelic.

We are committed to encouraging and supporting children and young people to be educated in the Gaelic language should they choose to do so.  We provide support in accordance with statutory guidance relating to Gaelic education. 

Our Gaelic language plan will set out our aims and ambitions for Gaelic in Renfrewshire. This is currently being developed and will be published once it is ready.

In the meantime, if you are interested in your child being educated in the Gaelic language instead of the English language, please email us at

Renfrewshire Council received an Assessment Request relating to Gaelic Medium Primary Education (GMPE) on 27th January 2022.  The Council, in exercise of its duties as an education authority, reviewed this request in accordance with the requirements of the Education (Scotland ) Act 2016 and in response will seek to secure GMPE provision in the area, as defined by Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education.  In making this determination, the Council considered the following:

  • In accordance with Section 8 of the 2016 Act, the Council defined a GMPE assessment area, which outlined the geographical extents to which the request was assessed.  The Council defined an Assessment Area that encompasses the entire authority area,  allowing due regard to be given to the residence of all children evidenced by the request whilst considering the potential for GMPE provision. 
  • In accordance with Section 9 of the 2016 Act, the Council considered the demand evidenced by the request, specifically those who have not yet started to attend primary school, who are in the same year group as the child specified in the Assessment Request. 

The Council will liaise with relevant stakeholders to develop proposals in the coming months.  It is anticipated Gaelic education provision will be in place by the start of the 2022/23 academic session.