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Gaelic Education in Scotland

Gaelic medium education is now an established sector in Scottish education.  Gaelic medium education includes children who come from families where Gaelic is spoken and children from families with little or no background in the language. Gaelic medium education is currently available in 14 education authorities across Scotland. Due to a low number of requests, and lack of availability of qualified staff, there is currently no provision within Renfrewshire itself, however, children from Renfrewshire currently have access to Gaelic medium education as a result of partnerships with Glasgow City Council and Inverclyde Council.

The Education (Scotland) Act 2016 gives parents of pre-school aged children the right to request Gaelic Medium Primary Education (GMPE) from the education authority in which the child is resident.  Any request must set out, or be accompanied by, evidence that there is a demand for Gaelic Medium Primary Education from parents of other children who are:

  1. resident in the area of the authority to which the request is made
  2. in the same year group as the specified child.

See Information for Parents on the Education (Scotland) Act 2016.

The guidance and form, which must be used when submitting a request for an assessment of the need for GMPE, can be found on the Scottish Government Website. 

Completed forms should be returned by post to:

Children's Services

Renfrewshire House

Cotton Street



You can also register your interest in Gaelic medium education online.