Renfrewshire Council

Gift and toy packaging

You can put these items into your blue bin or bring them along to one of our recycling points

Here are a few simple tips provided by The British Toy and Hobby Association

  • Retain all safety information from the packaging and store with the instructions for use. This way you can refer to it in future, or pass it on to others should you give the toy to friends, family or a charity shop
  • Keep small items of packaging and plastic bags away from children at all times 
  • Retain packaging where it is the obvious storage device for the product, such as jigsaws and games

What else can I do with it?

Gift bags can be saved and re-used.

Some gift boxes are really pretty and can be re-used to store jewellery, trinkets and special keep-sakes.

Recycle it

Toy and gift packaging often consists of different materials - such as cardboard, paper and plastic. Some of these are recyclable, while others are not. These will need to be separated before recycling. You can see a full list of items that can be recycled on our website. 

  • Remove plastic windows from cardboard boxes before recycling - the plastic window should be put in the rubbish bin.
  • Flatten cardboard for ease of transport to recycling facilities or to fit more into your household recycling bin.
  • Wire ties should be kept aside from the rest of the packaging. These are not generally recyclable but could be re-used i.e. for tying up plants in the garden or resealing half used packets of frozen vegetables.
  • Remove the rope or ribbon handles from gift bags - these can be re-used or should be placed in the rubbish bin.

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