Renfrewshire Council

Gardening tools

Community and re-use organisations

Donate any gardening hand tools, including those that need simple repairs, to organisations that can re-use them. For example: The Conservation Foundation has a project called 'The Tool Shed' that accept donations of gardening hand tools which are supplied to local schools free of charge. 


Pass on items for free at places such as Freecycle and Freegle, or sell them on websites like eBay and Gumtree.

Friends, family and local events

Ask family and friends - often they can use the things we don't want anymore.

Sell items locally at car boots, nearly new and bring and buy sales.

Advertise in the local paper or on local noticeboards.

Give repairing a go

Ask family and friends for help - you might be surprised at how 'handy' some of your friends are!

Search online for tips and advice on repairing gardening hand tools. There are some step-by-steps video guides on YouTube

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