Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Autism Strategy

The term 'autism' refers to a spectrum of developmental disorders affecting how a person communicates with and relates to the world around them.

The disorder affects the understanding and use of communication, awareness of social behaviours and interactions, and flexibility in thinking and behaviour.

It is estimated that autism affects between 1% and 2% of the population.

Based on changes in national and local policy, and through consultation with service users, carers and other stakeholders, a number of clear priorities for autism services in Renfrewshire have begun to emerge.

These cover issues such as improved communication and co-ordination between agencies; better access to information for people with autism and their families; greater public and professional awareness of autism; clearer pathways through services; planning structures which focus on outcomes for the individual and which are evidence-based; and smoother transition processes for service users as they move through key life stages.

Using these priorities, we have developed within this strategy eleven key recommendations to improve autism services in Renfrewshire.

You can download a copy of the strategy from the Related Documents section.