Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee

The Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee (RCPC) brings together all the organisations involved in protecting children in the area.

The committee's job is to make sure that there are no gaps between child protection teams and that everyone works together to protect children from harm and give them the best possible chance in life.

Senior managers from the council, the police and the health service are all represented on the committee.

The RCPC also includes representatives from Barnardo's, the Children's Panel, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the Procurator Fiscal's Office and the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration.

The Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee constitution was drafted in line with guidance issued by the Scottish Government as part of its three-year child protection reform programme.  The constitution sets out the aims of the committee, its function and the role of chief officers.


Our vision

It's everyone's job to make sure that children in Renfrewshire are safe.

We will strive to ensure that the protection of children is a responsibility that is shared by all our staff in partnership with the community.


Our values

We will strive to ensure that:

  • Children get the help they need when they need it
  • Children are protected by timely and effective action
  • Children are listened to and respected
  • Information is shared about children where this is necessary to protect them
  • Agencies, individually and collectively, demonstrate leadership and accountability for their work and its effectiveness


Our aims

  • To improve the safety of children in Renfrewshire
  • To provide an integrated approach to identifying, intervening and providing ongoing support to protect children at risk of harm
  • To improve the range and availability of services aimed at protecting children in Renfrewshire
  • To provide public information about child protection
  • To ensure our staff are confident and competent
  • To ensure continuous improvement by evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of our services