Renfrewshire Council

Carbon Management Plan 2014-2020

Climate change is described by many as the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced.

In order to avoid the worst impacts of a changing climate we all need to change our behaviour to cut energy and resource use and so reduce emissions of climate changing gases.

As an energy user and community leader, Renfrewshire Council has an important role to play by reducing our own emissions and setting an example for others, including our Community partners to follow. Renfrewshire Council is a Council known for its Leadership. This, our third Carbon Management Plan ensures that this trend continues.

We are the first Local Authority in Scotland to sign up to our third Carbon Management Plan.

By working in partnership with Resource Efficient Scotland, the Council has developed this Carbon Management Plan, which will guide us in reducing our emissions from building use (electricity, gas, oil & water), waste management, fleet transport and street lighting.

The plan puts in place a governance system and projects that will make us more aware of the consequences of our decisions and allow us to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

This is an ambitious plan that will reduce Council energy use, reduce climate changing emissions and have a positive impact on our financial management. Our low carbon vision is for Renfrewshire to become a leader in carbon management and for us all to work together - organisations, individuals and communities to create a greener, cleaner, safer environment for all.