Renfrewshire Council

Council budget 2016 to 2017

Council Tax will once again be frozen at the current level. 

However, we continue to face significant financial challenges and we are managing these in a planned way which we can maintain over the long term. 

The grant we receive from the Scottish Government, which funds almost 80% of the net cost of our services, has decreased by 3.4% on a like-for-like basis with a reduction in excess of £10 million moving into 2016-2017.

Despite the financial challenges, we will deliver £149 million of investment over the next three years in key facilities including schools, roads, streetlighting and housing. 

During 2016-2017 we are committing resources to further build on our commitments to invest in economic regeneration, local communities and to support the most vulnerable in Renfrewshire, including £7.5 million to support the delivery of a recreational town park, outdoor event space and regional sports facility; £1 million to enhance the provision of digital infrastructure in town centres; and investing £9 million in Adult Social Care Services to reduce the impact of assessed care charges on service users. 

We will also work in partnership with social care providers to secure the payment of the Living Wage across all care staff providing services to Renfrewshire Council.

Looking ahead, we already know that we will continue to face more spending pressures and although the level of grant we will receive from the Scottish Government has not yet been confirmed, we are expecting our grant support to reduce further in 2017/2018 and the following years. 

This means we will face significant ongoing financial challenges with a need to deliver further savings of up to £6 million by 2017/18. We will therefore need to continue to make difficult decisions and choices on how best to direct reducing resources to priority service areas.

Council spending in 2016/2017

How we work out Council Tax

 £ millions
Gross spending426.795
Less: Fees and charges44.813
Net spending381.982


Net spending for each service

ServiceNet spending 2016/2017 (Capital charges)Total net spending - including capital chargesChange from 2015/2016 - not including capital charges (%)Band D equivalent
 £ million£ million£ million£
Education and Children185.647 (16.454)202.1011.455 (1.2%)2,998
Education149.673 (16.230)165.9031.328 (0.9%)2,461
Children's Services35.974 (0.224)36.1980.127 (0.4%)537
Leisure Services9.168 (2.509)11.677-0.373 (-3.9%)173
Community Resources51.046 (7.125)58.171-0.519 (-1.0%)863
Community Resources38.727 (2.491)41.218-0.401 (-1.0%)611
Roads8.964 (4.634)13.598-0.118 (-1.3%)202
Transport subsidies and concessionary fares3.355 (0.000)3.3550.000 (0.0%)50
Adult services60.320 (1.404)61.7246.147 (11.3%)916
Development and Housing9.729 (0.638)10.3670.802 (9.0%)154
Other Housing5.673 (0.000)5.6731.114 (24.4%)84
Planning4.056 (0.638)4.694-0.312 (-7.1%)70
Other35.542 (3.872)39.414-0.770 (-2.1%)585
Adjustment for financing charges0.000 (-1.472)-1.4720.000 (0.0%)-22
TOTAL NET SPENDING351.452 (30.530)381.9826.742 (2.0%)5,667
Financed by:    
a) Government grants 207.365 3,076
b) Non-domestic rates 96.106 1,426
Total amount needed from Council Tax 78.511 1,165

Council Tax comparison with Scottish average

Band D Council Tax2016/2017£1,165
Band D - Scottish average2016/2017£1,149


Comparison with the Government's provision for current spending for each household
Spending figure used by the Government in total external finance (Total Central Government support) calculations:

Government grant£5,453
Our proposed spending (budget figure)£5,667


Local authority employees

Budgeted full-time equivalent2016/20176,484
 % decrease-2.3%