Renfrewshire Council

Clearing snow from driveway

Gritting footways and footpaths

Information about gritting footways and footpaths.

Priority footways and footpaths for gritting are:

  1. Town centre pedestrian areas.
  2. Other designated areas of high pedestrian usage, e.g. shopping areas, precincts, routes serving schools and hospitals.
  3. All other public footways/footpaths.

Subject to the availability of resources, Category 1 footways/footpaths will be treated in conjunction with priority 2 carriageways.

Category 2 footways/footpaths will generally only be considered for treatment after significant snow or ice events. The appropriate treatment would be a salt/grit mix which would be applied during normal working hours where resources allow.

If possible, Category 2 footways/footpaths will be pre-treated during normal working hours if freezing temperatures are forecast to follow heavy rain.

Category 3 footways/footpaths will be considered for treatment during extended severe snow or ice events as resources allow.