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Naming ceremony

Information about naming ceremonies in Renfrewshire.

A naming ceremony is one way in which parents can celebrate and welcome a child or children into the family.


What happens at the naming ceremony?

The naming ceremony is an opportunity for parents to announce the names that have been chosen for the child/children in the presence of invited family members and friends.

At the ceremony, parents will make promises of commitment to the child, which is a way of saying that they will be the best parents they can be.

Friends or relatives chosen by the parents take part in the naming ceremony as 'supporting adults', and they will pledge a special relationship with the child/children. Grandparents can also take part in the naming ceremony.

The naming ceremony is put together by the parents. This could include readings, music and/or poems that do not contain religious elements. The registration service can give assistance and advice on the format of the ceremony, thus creating a unique and special event that the parents, family and friends will remember and cherish.


Who are they for?

Naming ceremonies are for children of any age.

Any parent or anyone who has parental responsibilities for that child/children can arrange a naming ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are not to be confused with registering a child's birth.


How do I book a ceremony?

You can book a naming ceremony up to one year in advance. A deposit is required to make the booking.

Ceremony bookings can be made by phoning or visiting our Customer Service Unit.You will meet with the registrar where you can discuss your requirement's and pay the remaining balance.


What documents do I need to provide?

You will need to produce the birth certificate(s) of the child/children who are having the naming ceremony at the time of booking. If you are booking by phone, please bring the certificate(s) to your meeting with the registrar before the naming ceremony.


Ceremony fees

We have a range of facilities available in Renfrewshire for your naming ceremony. The fees vary with a venue to suit every need and all our premises are smoke-free.

Registration office - Monday to Friday

  • Naming Ceremony pack - £39.00
  • Conduct of ceremony - £56.00
  • Marriage Suite accommodation fee - £60.00
  • Total - £155.00

Registration office - Saturday

  • Naming Ceremony pack - £39.00
  • Conduct of ceremony - £56.00
  • Marriage Suite accommodation fee - £60.00
  • Saturday supplement - £96.00
  • Total - £251.00


Other venues (agreed by you and your registrar) - Monday to Friday (office hours)

  • Naming Ceremony pack - £39.00
  • Conduct of ceremony - £56.00
  • Administration Fee - £138.00
  • Total - £233.00

Other venues (agreed by you and your registrar) - Saturday

  • Naming Ceremony pack - £39.00
  • Conduct of ceremony - £56.00
  • Administration Fee / Saturday Supplement - £230.00
  • Total - £325.00

Other venues (agreed by you and your registrar) - Sunday / Public Holidays

  • Naming Ceremony pack - £39.00
  • Conduct of ceremony - £56.00
  • Sunday / Public Holiday Supplement - £302.00
  • Total - £397.00


Who will conduct the ceremony?

A local government officer will conduct your ceremony. The officer will be a person trained in ceremonial skills employed by Renfrewshire Council and will normally be a Registrar.


Where can a naming ceremony take place?

A naming ceremony can take place Monday to Saturday at our Johnstone registration office, Renfrew registration office, Paisley marriage suite or Paisley town hall.

They can also take place at venues agreed by you and your registrar throughout Renfrewshire.

What documents will I receive?

After your naming ceremony you will receive a ceremonial pack. This includes naming ceremony certificate(s), a copy of the ceremony speech in an attractive presentation wallet.