Renfrewshire Council

Order a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate

Our Registration offices can issue a replacement certificate of a:

  • birth
  • death
  • marriage

that was registered in Scotland (from 1855 until the last full calendar year) or a civil partnership certificate (from December 2005 until the last full calendar year).

Events registered within the current year can only be issued from the local authority where the registration took place. We can do this online or by phone.

If the registration took place outside of Scotland, certificates must be ordered from the country where the event took place. 

You will need

The information you need will depend on the type of certificate:

  • Birth certificate - name, date and place of birth, father's/parent's name, and mother's name (maiden surname).
  • Death certificate - name of deceased, date of birth or age at death, and date and place of death.
  • Marriage certificate - name of bridegroom, name of bride (maiden surname), and date and place of marriage.
  • Civil partnership certificate - names of civil partners, date and place of civil partnership registration.

Adopted birth certificate

An adopted individual should contact the National Records of Scotland to order a copy of their birth certificate.

Stillbirth certificate

Contact the National Records of Scotland

Order a certificate

You can:

  • order online
  • phone 0300 300 0310 and pay by credit or debit card.

How much does it cost?

See Certificates, search and name change fees.