Renfrewshire Council

Grab two free tickets to see an exclusive show at Paisley Town Hall

Be among the first to experience a performance in the newly renovated venue.

Our colleagues at OneRen have kindly supplied us with seven pairs of tickets for an exciting event taking place at Paisley Town Hall from 4-6pm on Friday, 29 September. It means we can offer you and a colleague or friend the opportunity to come along and be among the first to experience a show in the transformed venue.

The invite only test event, called Sounding the Future - will be a musical celebration of the restoration of the town hall chimes by professional and community performers.

Having undergone a £22 million refurbishment, the building is set to become one of Scotland's premier performance venues. Take a look inside and learn all about Paisley Town Hall's transformation.

Register your interest

To register your interest, send an email to before midday on Tuesday, 26 September 2023. Include your name, your service area and the name of your line-manager.

Tickets will then be allocated to registered colleagues in an online prize draw at 2.30pm, and we'll let the lucky winners know as soon as possible after that.

The event itself kicks off at 4pm on Friday 29 September. If this is during your normal working hours, please check with your line-manager before signing up.

About the event: Sounding the Future

This event promises to be a truly remarkable showcase, blending heritage, culture, and community arts, as we unveil the restored Paisley Town Hall Chimes.

Join us to experience the enchanting sounds of the restored carillon (pitched bells) and enjoy the creations of the talented participants who have been involved in The Chimes Project.

The event will feature performances from singer songwriter Carol Laula and Rockus Community Choir in addition to musician Deborah Shaw and a range of Renfrewshire Community groups including ArtBoss and Gateway.

Good luck!

Published on Tuesday 19 September 2023