Renfrewshire Council

Council programme recognised for making a real difference

Renfrewshire Council has been recognised, once again, for the project management of our Tackling Poverty programme.

APM 50 Our innovative programme has been selected by the Association of Project Management (APM), as one of '50 Projects for a Better Future' - celebrating five decades of projects making a difference.

Launched in 2015, it provided a range of support to thousands of people across Renfrewshire, and although the programme itself is now over, many of the ideas and approaches to tackling poverty it developed are now recognised as national policy.

Other projects on the list include, the building of the International Space Station, the Falkirk Wheel, the development of the Covid-19 vaccine and the World Wide Web. The full list including project details is available at

The APM is the national professional body for portfolio, programme and project management, and to celebrate their 50th anniversary, they asked the profession to nominate projects that had inspired them from the last 50 years.

Entitled '50 Projects for a Better Future', the list features iconic projects from around the globe and across the fields of construction and engineering, technology, healthcare and education, sports and nature, arts and media.

More than 600 projects were nominated for inclusion in the list by a panel made up of APM members and industry experts. The final 50 projects were selected based on the transformative impact they have had on society, the economy and environment since their launch within the past 50 years.

Strategic change manager, Karen Mann said: "I'm delighted that the project management of our Tackling Poverty programme has been celebrated and recognised as being key to the successful delivery of the programme.

"To be recognised, along with other such high-profile projects, is testament to the hard work and expertise of our project managers, working with colleagues from across the council to support our local communities."

Strategic partnership & inequalities manager, Annabelle Armstrong Walter agrees: "The programme represented a strategic and cross-organisational approach, which we've continued to build on. All council services were involved, as well as multiple partner organisations, and it was the truly collaborative nature of our approach that contributed to its lasting impact."

Published on Wednesday 6 September 2023