Renfrewshire Council

'Use it or lose it' message for pre-payment energy meter vouchers

Diane Dunn highlights 30 June deadline to redeem support

Households are being reminded that the 30 June deadline to use the vouchers from the energy discount scheme is approaching fast, with many at risk of losing the valuable funds.

Diane, our social renewal lead officer said: "There are still £130million of unclaimed energy vouchers out there and I'm keen to make sure my colleagues with vouchers have cashed theirs in on time.

"The vouchers were issued to households with pre-payment meters as part of the £400 energy discount scheme that ran from October 2022 to March 2023. There were six monthly payments, two of £66 and four of £67.

"Any unused vouchers are set to expire at the end of the month, so if you have some, take them to a Post Office or PayPoint along with your ID before 30 June to make sure you get what you are entitled to. Please also spread the word around your family and friends too."

According to Emily Seymour, energy editor of Which? Magazine, any lost, missing or previously expired vouchers can be reissued, but must still be used by 30 June 2023. As quoted on BBC News and Twitter, Emily said: "If you are on a traditional prepayment meter and haven't received your vouchers, are unsure of how to redeem them, or need a voucher to be reissued, you should get in touch with your supplier for more information."

Don't forget, as a council employee you can access help and support from our energy management unit at or contact Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 889 2121.

You can find more guidance on financial wellbeing along with support for your mental health on the Taking care of our employees' wellbeing webpage.

Published on Friday 2 June 2023.