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Mylifestyle employee benefits hub

What Mylifestyle employee benefits hub is, how to register for Mylifestyle, how to log in.

What Mylifestyle employee benefits hub is

Provided by our supplier Edenred, mylifestyle is an online employee benefits hub offering a range of discounts including:

The final date for orders is Wednesday 6 January 2024.

Register for Mylifestyle

Here's how you register for access to your employee benefits with mylifestyle:

  1. go to the mylifestyle hub registration page
  2. select the Renfrewshire Council logo
  3. enter your payroll ID number and an email address (this can be a personal email address if you don't have a council email address). You can find your payroll ID number on your payslip or on Business World
  4. you'll receive a link via email asking you to add your name and create a password
  5. Edenred will then send you a link to log in to the platform and access your benefits, discounts, and offers. It might take a few days since HR will need to manually review your application to make sure you're a Renfrewshire Council employee (that's why you need to provide your payroll ID number in step 1)
  6. click the link and confirm your address, date of birth, and email address. You'll then have access to your employee benefits on the mylifestyle hub.

If you need help signing up to the mylifestyle hub, you can contact the Edenred help desk or call 0800 019 6666.

Log in to Mylifestyle

Once you've registered for your mylifestyle account, simply log in to access all your employee benefits.

Log in to mylifestyle.