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Since we launched our recognition campaign in November last year, there has been no shortage of inspiring stories and appreciation for our hardworking teams. From housing support to schools, from transport to ICT and right across the council, we've seen that being helpful, fair, great collaborators and learning are simply part of what we do.

To celebrate you, we wanted to give a shout out to everyone who's been recognised for living our values so far. We hope that receiving a living our values thank you card from a colleague made you smile and know that you're appreciated!

Let's hear it for:


Alan Connelly

Atrium café team

Brediland Primary School Flexible Learning team

Cally Moore

Charlotte Blom

Doreen Paterson

Duncan Pole

Ellen Pyra

Employability team

Fiona Sinclair

Harry Fitzsimmons

Ian Whyte

ICT team

Improving the Cancer Journey team

Isaac Wilkie

Jim O'Kane

Kenneth MacKenzie

Linwood High School Pupil Support team

Lisa Carrigan

Louise O'Connor

Marion Maxwell

Rhona Barnes

Sarah Conway

Secretarial team

Susan Allan

Suzanne Gibb

Tanya Cassidy

YouDecide team

Every nomination has a story waiting to share. Check out those we've published so far on our staff stories webpage and look forward to plenty more coming soon.

Have you noticed a colleague or team who really get what it means to be fair, helpful, collaborative and value learning? Why not thank them by completing a short online form and nominate them for living our values?

It's a great way to say thank you for making a difference and demonstrating the behaviours we all agreed were important to us when we developed our values together.

To nominate:

Simply complete this short form with some great examples of what they do.

For more information on our values and behaviours, head over to the Living Our Values webpage.


Published on Thursday 23 March 2023.