Renfrewshire Council

Additional Pensionable Contributions Procedure (APC)

Procedure for paying the lost pension contributions associated with this additional leave period.

Under the Local Government Pension Scheme (2015), employee deductions made under the Buying Additional Annual Leave salary sacrifice scheme are non-pensionable.  If you wish to pay the pension contributions associated with this additional leave period and to ensure there is no break in your pensionable service you need to follow the procedure set out below:

Any buy back of lost pension must be applied for by 30 November 2023.

1. Contact the Payroll Section by email to and make a request for the amount of your Lost Pensionable Pay.  When making this request you must provide the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your employee number
  • The amount of additional annual leave you were approved for
  • If multi post holder, require the Position Number relating to BAAL
  • Employee National Insurance Number.

2. Once you have received the amount of Lost Pensionable Pay, to get a quote for the amount your additional pension contributions will be, you need to complete the APC Calculator on the Strathclyde Pension Website.

3. To complete the calculator, you will be required to provide some personal information. There are also a couple of questions where the options required are highlighted below:

  • Q1. Reason for Absence - Option will be "authorised unpaid leave"
  • Q2. Section during Absence - Option will be "Main Section" or 50/50 - employee should select correct option for them.  
  • Q3. Last Day of Absence - The last day of absence should be the date you were last paid.  
  • Q4. Method of Payment - choose 'Lump Sum' deduction. 
  • Q5. Year -N/A - as it is a one-off deduction.
  • Q6. Pay Frequency - N/A as is one-off deduction and will be taken at the next available pay date.  

4. After receiving the quote, if you want to proceed complete "Lost Pension - Apply" section.  You will then require to print off your application form and complete the personal details section. Please ensure the document is signed and send this to Payroll.