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Have you completed Our Values training?

Living and Leading Our Values modules are available on iLearn

Thursday 20 October marked World Values Day 2022. A reminder to reflect on what our values are as an organisation, what they mean to us and how we, as individuals and teams live those values through our behaviours every day.

Understanding the behaviours associated with each of our values is key to ensuring they aren't just words on a website but are guiding principles we all follow.  

Some examples of these behaviours include;

We are fair means we will be 'empathetic and non-judgemental';

We are helpful means we take ownership of challenges, respond quickly and communicate clearly;

Being great collaborators means we will recognise that we do not have all the right answers and work with others to find the best solutions

We value learning means we will be open-minded - prepared to try new ways of working and engage in different conversations.

The 'Living our values' iLearn course has been developed to improve our understanding of how we can live our values every day across the organisation. It is a mandatory course so and provides some great examples of how to make the values meaningful for you in your working day.

For managers, our 'Leading our values' course develops this further with examples and guidance on how to demonstrate our values in a leadership role and encourage your team to make living our values part of all we do.

We're proud of the values we created together with our colleagues and communities in 2020 and over the last two years, we've showcased loads of examples of what our values mean to our teams across the council.

Now it's over to you - Your chance to recognise your colleagues and thank them for putting those values into action, role modelling those positive behaviours and really making a difference.  

Look out for the new Living our values series coming soon to Staff Stories to find out how you can get involved.

Right now, you can get more info on our values and the underlying behaviours on the Our values webpage. Don't forget to complete the mandatory 'Living our values' course on iLearn and if you are a line manager to also complete 'Leading our values'.

Published on Thursday 27 October 2022