Renfrewshire Council

Think before you print - reducing our reliance on printers

With more of us working remotely or from home, we've learned that in many areas we can still work effectively without the same reliance on printing.

Not surprisingly overall printing reduced significantly in the past two years, as we've found alternative ways of working, either through digital solutions or changing your habits. 

As more of us return to the office, for at least part of the working week, we want to continue this trend and we are developing a Green Print Strategy that will contribute to us working towards Net Zero by 2030 and will also deliver financial savings. 

The first phase of this strategy will see our ICT team working with service areas to reduce the number of printers in Renfrewshire House.

You may need to walk a little further to your nearest printer, however as you start to spend more time back at an office or council building, we ask that you think before you print, instead of returning to old habits. Printing only by exception, rather than by default or nice to have.

We'll be back in touch shortly with more details about the changes, and how you can play your part and help reduce our carbon footprint and achieve our climate change ambitions.

Published on Thursday 13 October 2022