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Our climate change ambitions for Renfrewshire

This week is Scotland's Climate Week, and we caught up with our Climate Emergency Lead Officer, Roz Smith about our climate change ambitions for Renfrewshire

Roz climate As our Climate Emergency Lead Officer, it was a big moment recently for Roz Smith as the first phase of our Plan for Net Zero was approved by elected members.

A document that's been months in the making as she and the team worked to carry out the research required to inform the direction the council will take as we work towards our ambitious goal of Renfrewshire becoming net zero by 2030.

A key part of the Ren Zero campaign, the Plan for Net Zero outlines how we will take a leadership role in tackling climate change by reducing our emissions as an organisation wherever possible and supporting our partners, businesses and communities to make the radical changes needed to reach net zero.

"It's a relief that we now have the first phase of our Plan for Net Zero approved, but really the hard work begins now as we put into place the actions outlined in the plan and work towards our ambitious net zero aim.

"As a council, we only contribute about 2.5% of the area's total emissions, but it's clear that we have a leadership role to play for our communities, businesses and partners, so we'll continue to speak with them and put in place the support they need to make real change to their emissions.

"I've been pleased to see the commitment of colleagues from across our council services to embrace the net zero ambitions of the council and I know that the impact on the climate is now being considered in every decision that we take.

"If we're going to make real strides as an organisation, and we've done incredibly well already by reducing our emissions by more than 60% since 2013, then we need to be innovative and not just continue to do things the way they've always been done.

"So, if you see a way to reduce emissions effectively in your service then please bring it forward and we'll do all we can to support it if it's feasible."

The plan focuses on five key themes which are clean energy, sustainable transport, circular economy, connected communities and resilient place.

Underneath each of these themes are commitments made by our services, such as a strategic review of all the buildings we own to ensure more efficient use, removing the need for new petrol and diesel light commercial vehicles in the council fleet by 2025 and for all new petrol and diesel vehicles in the Council fleet by 2030, and ensuring that all Council buildings, including schools, have the necessary facilities for the full recycling collection service.

These are just some of the actions we've set out under each theme though and you can see the full list and find out more on our website at

Alongside implementing the actions set out in phase one of the plan, Roz and the team are also working on the second phase which will advance the ongoing work and set out the road map to 2030.

"We've made a number of strong commitments in the first phase of our plan, and we'll go even further in phase two, but it will only be a success if we come together as colleagues and drive it forward.

"In phase two, we will set out a detailed phased road map that will take us through to 2030 and set out delivery plans for each part of the road map, as well as updating our emissions modelling tool, developing a carbon budget for the council and creating an adaptation plan for Renfrewshire.

"There's so much that we as a council can do and I know we will do, but this culture change will only work through a collaborative approach with all across Renfrewshire and I'm excited to see the change that we can make in Renfrewshire on this journey to 2030."

Our teams at the council are going to be incredibly important to the success of the campaign, especially for the council reaching net zero as an organisation, so we'll be reaching out to you often and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

If climate change is important to you and you'd like to be involved in the campaign, then please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing

Published on Tuesday 27 September 2022