Renfrewshire Council

A special thanks to our colleagues

A huge thank you to everyone who continued to work hard during soaring temperatures.

Director of Environment and Infrastructure, Gordon McNeil said: "Changes to weather conditions like the extreme temperatures we have experienced in recent days can bring lots of challenges. I'd like to thank our teams across the council for their hard work and commitment to maintaining our service delivery."

Waste operations manager, Jock Templeton is especially grateful to his teams for keeping collections going. In a post on LinkedIn he said, "I would like to personally thank all the collection crews at Renfrewshire Council over the past few days for working hard through the heatwave and delivering services to all households in our council area."

Our colleagues in fleet services, building services and soft FM were also praised. 

Fleet solutions and social transport manager, Scott Blyth commented, "We have an incredible fleet services team - our dedicated technicians who keep our services going, our drivers unwavering commitment to passenger safety and wellbeing and the exceptionally high standards of our administrative colleagues - each and every one deserves a shout out and a huge well done." 

Operations manager for Building Services, Elaine Scott said, "I would like to thank everyone in Building Services for continuing to provide an excellent service in the melting heat. I know it was not easy and it is very much appreciated." 

Our Soft FM manager Jean Brown added: 'Huge appreciation to all staff from the Soft FM service who have continued to deliver high standards of service across Renfrewshire.  A huge 'thank you' to you all!!  

Published on Friday 22 July 2022