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Not Far? Leave the Car - Elaine's story

Supervisory engineer, Elaine Lorimer ditches her car for local rewards

Elaine Lorimer "Getting rewarded for leaving the car at home with a free coffee? That's my kind of campaign!"

Elaine Lorimer is the lead officer for our Not Far? Leave the Car campaign and she's leading it in more ways than one having embraced leaving the car at home whenever possible and she's now reaping the rewards with discounts at local Renfrewshire businesses.

The campaign recently passed more than 750 members and they're all benefitting from discounts at cafes, restaurants, shops, salons, jewellers, and more after picking up points for walking, cycling or using public transport.

Every sustainable journey, so one not in the car, is rewarded with points and once they've built up, you can exchange them for discounts or a gift voucher.

If you've taken advantage of the cycle-to-work scheme then why not sign up to the free app and get rewarded for your commute?

Elaine said: "When the project first came across my desk it caught my attention immediately, but I thought it might be a bit too good to be true.

"I can head out on a walk or cycle, arrive at a cafe and get a discounted coffee for my trouble - what's the catch!?

"But it really is that simple and it's been great to see the uptake already as we move past 750 people signed up.

"It's made me want to get more active, to ensure I get my steps in, and I'm feeling healthier as a result already.

"There's been so many occasions recently where I've thought twice about jumping in the car for a short journey and walked instead, and I can really feel the difference from such a small change."

More than 100 businesses are signed up to provide rewards through the Renfrewshire Gift Card, including cafes like Bianco E Nero and Brew, restaurants like Zambretto and Indian by Nature, hairdressers like Pure Spa and Beauty and Bella by Bella, tanning salons like HOT and Sunset Beach, supermarkets like M&S and Aldi, videographers and framers like Brick Lane Studios and Paisley Picture Framers, chemists like Boots and Semi-Chem, and so many more.

There's also monthly prizes draws, opportunities for double points, and until the end of July, everyone who records a journey will be entered into a draw to win a £15 voucher at Nomads' Coffee Shop in Paisley.

"It really is a great way to stay fit and it's also reducing the amount of carbon emissions I would make a on a week-to-week basis, so if more of us can get involved then we can start to make a real difference in Renfrewshire.

"All you need to do to take part is download the free app and then you can choose to let it track your journeys automatically or manually, like a fitness watch.

"Sustainable journeys will be rewarded with points, and you can exchange them for prizes at your favourite places in Renfrewshire.

"I've not looked back since the app launched so, please join me in taking part.

"You've nothing to lose, only free coffees and more to gain!"

All you need to know and to download the app is at

Published on Thursday 21 July 2022