Renfrewshire Council

7. Social Renewal Plan

In March 2021, an initial social renewal plan was approved by council.  The plan set out the high-level actions that the council and partners will take as we move forward from the pandemic, with a clear focus on tackling inequality and improving wellbeing. 

In June 2021, a range of initial priorities were identified with partners for immediate action in light of the issues being experienced across communities. A range of funding proposals were approved at that time using funding to support social renewal, with £665,000 allocated specifically in relation to poverty and financial insecurity, digital exclusion and community resilience and capacity amongst other areas.

Funding supports a number of supports which will help alleviate poverty in families with children. These include community food supports:

  • £75,000 towards the development pantries where lower cost food can be purchased
  • £25,000 Community Food Fund
  • £45,000 for an affordable credit project
  • £50,000 to support people struggling with energy costs.