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Megan inspires nursery kids to love reading at Glendee ELCC

Early years graduate Megan Goldie has demonstrated an amazing commitment to living our values with her innovative approach to improving the learning experience for children at Glendee ELCC.

Megan Goldie Thinking outside the box, Megan helped deliver a new and exciting technique to inspire a love of reading through bringing nursery stories to life. As part of Glendee's Literary month, the day-long 'Listenathon' got kids involved with fun story-led experiences including listening to stories, wearing pyjamas, eating food and doing yoga.  

Megan explained, "We wanted the day to feel different and special for children, so they all wore their pyjamas and we set up the storytelling areas into a different set for each story. The goal was to encourage different storytelling techniques and sensory experiences, such as tasting foods while listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar and doing yoga while hearing about The Bear Hunt. Using large props and tactile changes in the environment helps children immerse themselves in the stories they are listening to.  

"It was important they could take it at their own pace and be able to take part in either the sensory experiences or alternative story elements if they wanted to. I created treasure maps for them to follow in groups so they knew where to go at each time slot. They also collected tokens from each story and got a certificate and Bookbug bag to take away leaving them with a real sense of belonging and feeling part of something." 

Megan even helped parents to get in on the action with her home learning packs that included a rhyme of the week and a learning experience for home.  

"Parents sent us videos of their children saying the rhyme of the week and we sent them videos of the kids reciting rhymes at nursery. During the last week, we distributed sponsor forms and the families took part in a digital bedtime stories session." 

As a graduate, Megan recognises the importance of literacy attainment. She said, "Reading is the vehicle to imagination and relationship building. Stories allow children to be creative and have fun with language. By instilling a love for reading at a young age, it sets a basis for their future learning and development. I find that if the children are interested in stories and books, they are more likely to engage with other aspects of literacy learning, such as syllable structure, silly rhymes and phonological awareness that can support future literacy learning. One of my favourite stories and one I'd always recommend for young children is "My Granny is a Pirate" by Val McDermid. It has excellent flow and really engages the children with opportunities to contribute to the story." 

The money raised from the Listenathon and Literacy Month has helped Glendee ELCC buy books, games, jigsaws and other language and vocabulary tools that match children's interests, supporting them to develop a love of reading. 

Megan worked with us for eight years and recently got a new job as depute head of centre in Inverclyde at Inverkip Nursery Class. We're sad to see Megan go but are glad we could help and support her in her blossoming career in early learning and childcare.  

She said, "At Renfrewshire Council I have had opportunities to nurture my career and relationships and received immeasurable support and encouragement at different ELCC's. I was very fortunate to work with children of all ages and watch them flourish into school during my two-year secondment as part of Renfrewshire's attainment challenge. Here I found my love for learning and teaching and my niche in early years education. I owe so much to the staff within this council and the knowledge they shared with me. I will miss all the children, families, and lifelong friends in the colleagues I have met during my time here". 

We'd like to thank Megan for sharing her story with us, as well as everything she has done over the last few years. We wish her all the very best for the future.   

Published on Tuesday 5 July 2022