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Malawi - Megan's story

Data quality & assurance officer, Megan Baird reveals what visiting Malawi in 2019 was like for her and why it was "life-changing"

Megan Baird
Megan with local children
"At first I found the experience overwhelming. It had been a long trip - taking us over 25 hours to travel from Glasgow Airport to Malawi - so I was grateful when we got to our accommodation. It was pretty basic, but nice and clean with everything I needed.

"When we arrived at the village there were more than 800 local people waiting to greet us and we were treated to a lovely welcoming ceremony.

"Lots of people got involved with the work and the local builders were so patient, helping us to learn on the job. I liked that the locals got to play such a big role in the project. I could see the sense of pride they took in the work, and I know they really value and treasure the buildings.

"It really was the most amazing, eye-opening experience for me. It was hard work, but so rewarding at the same time. I'd recommend it to anyone because the joy you feel being able to make a real difference and help people is so special. I can only describe it as life-changing."

If Megan's story inspired you, why not consider taking part in the 2023 trip? You can find out everything you need to know to get started here.

Published on Wednesday 22 June 2022