Renfrewshire Council

3. Introduction

This Local Child Poverty Action Report has been produced when the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on child poverty levels is still largely unknown, particularly the long-term effects on families and the economy. We do know that the impacts have been felt most acutely by the most disadvantaged in our society.

The continuing impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) alongside recent financial challenges facing residents has precipitated an increase in short term actions to provide immediate support for families, as we continue to develop our existing initiatives and longer-term plans. 

This report captures the range of activity that has taken place in Renfrewshire in 2021/22 to reduce child poverty by the council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership, our community planning partners and beyond. It also looks forward to our longer-term plans. In the coming year our new council and community plans will be developed, with child poverty at the heart of these.

A specific programme of work is also planned through the 'Get Heard' initiative and we will engage with a wide range of voices and experiences of poverty to inform our policies and plans. By working alongside people affected by poverty, we will find out what is working and not working in their communities and what needs to change to ensure support is available.

In Renfrewshire we are committed to addressing child poverty and ensuring all our children thrive and prosper. Besides the work to maximise the income of our families this report reflects a wealth of work which supports the mental health of our young people and provides opportunities for them to develop and gain skills for life.