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PE teacher Cameron is helping pupils learn how to prevent bullying

PE teacher Cameron Malcolm talks about the impact of their anti-bullying programme and how it is helping staff and pupils at Renfrew High School.

Image of PE teacher at Renfrew High School Cameron Malcolm
PE teacher Cameron Malcolm
Cameron has been running the anti-bullying programme called Mentors in Violence Prevention for the last six months in Renfrew High School.

"It helps shape positive relationships and empowers young people to take responsibility in our school community. It was already running in Renfrew High when a colleague asked me to get involved. I could see how important it was, so I was keen to help.

"The programme empowers our young people by helping them identify unacceptable behaviours and deal with challenging situations in a safe and effective way.

"It allows pupils to reflect on how they treat others and how those around them are behaving, as well as the impact that their use of language and words can have.

"It makes our stance on bullies clear to all staff and pupils and sets the right expectations for what to do if you are by-stander, and how you can help.

"All feedback after training has been very positive and pupils understand its value in our school community. It really does make a difference."

Mentors in Violence Prevention is a secondary school programme with the aim of supporting and empowering pupils to prevent and deescalate bullying wherever they find it.

We'd like to thank Cameron for giving us this insight and sharing his experience.

Published on Friday 20 May 2022