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Our staff news is changing...

The 'Staff info' area of our website has been revamped and is home to two new dedicated sections namely 'Latest staff news' and 'Staff stories'.

We're changing the way your news is delivered so that everyone who works at Renfrewshire Council can easily access the latest staff info, stories and updates all in one place.

It also means that our news cycle will be more responsive, with new stories published as they happen, rather than waiting for the next quarterly newsletter which we will no longer produce.

Networked staff will still receive the Take 5 email direct to their inbox, but it will no longer contain full-length articles. Instead, it will round-up the headlines from all the latest must-reads, with a preview of the latest news linking to 'Staff info' online for more.

If you get your staff news notifications through other channels like iText, Yammer or Glow, you'll see that the link now takes you to the 'Staff info' area instead of a one-page online newsletter.

On the 'Staff info' page you can view and explore all the latest content. You'll see:

·         Latest news - News, events and updates for colleagues across the Council

·         Staff Stories - Stories, messages and blogs from colleagues across the council

·         Taking care of our employees wellbeing - Things you can do to look after your mental and physical health

·         Working at the council - New ways of working, annual leave, salary scales, systems and user guides

Bookmark this page and visit it regularly for fresh content and key updates you can access any time, from any device.

So why are we changing? Here's the journey so far...

Like so much else, internal communications is always evolving, looking for ways to innovate, improve and deliver an effective service that works for our colleagues.

The COVID-19 pandemic signalled a real gear change for the internal communications team and led to an unprecedented demand and reliance on the service. This was partly due to the continually changing messages and guidance at a national level but was also the result of people spending more time online.

The team recognised that important information had to be accessible to all employees, despite the limitations of internal channels and equipment while reflecting the way people wanted to receive information and news.

Working in collaboration with the Digital Experience team (DXP), they developed 'Staff info' - which was a brand-new section of our public website. This was the first time we had a channel that was available to all council staff, regardless of role, location or network access and marked a departure from using the intranet as the main channel for news updates.

As it developed, 'Staff info' featured COVID-19 updates, staff newsletters, Chief Executive blogs and wellbeing support along with ''MyLifestyle'', RenTalks other employee essentials such as user guides and policies for our colleagues.

The content reflected the increased focus on employee wellbeing and recognition, celebrating the hard work and dedication of colleagues across the organisation.

Given the continued demand and the shift to digital, it is time to take 'Staff info' a step further, evolving it from a platform where we publish newsletters to a dynamic and live online hub showcasing the best of our culture and values in action.

Looking ahead

The latest improvements to the 'Staff Info' section are part of a longer journey towards a newer more advanced digital space for Renfrewshire Council online.

Our Digital Experience colleagues are working hard to develop their plans for delivering a new Renfrewshire Council website, which we expect to be delivered in 2023.

Got a story?

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Published on Thursday 12 May 2022