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Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund - Funding Awards 2020

Celebrating Renfrewshire is a £150,000 fund designed by and for young people, where young people aged 12-25 have a direct say on which projects are funded in their local area.

Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund 2020 So who won!?

1,721 young people voted
5,163 votes were cast
68 projects have received funding
£124,437 awarded to youth projects in Renfrewshire

Here are your successful projects - Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund 2020 - Results [799KB]

For any projects that weren't successful, the Youth Services and Community Planning team are available for support and guidance to find other funding opportunities.

Any money that was not allocated will be returned to the Local Partnership who will consider how best to use it within their area.

What were the projects put forward by young people? 

You can read about the applications in your area here - Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund.

Missed the event? Watch it here.

What have people had to say about it?

Check out what successful projects and others involved had to say about the 2020 fund as a whole and the online announcement event - Celebrating Renfrewshire.

Who could vote?

Young people aged 12-25 voted for their favourite projects in their Local Partnership area - and they had three votes each. 

Community groups could apply for voting packs to provide young people in their group with a temporary number to cast their vote.

What were the rules for applications? 

  • Age - Anyone aged 12-25 could apply
  • Maximum grant award - £2,000 
  • Applications could be sent to a maximum of 3 Local Partnerships  
  • Individual young people could apply but would need a constituted group to act as their guarantor. 
  • Schools in partnership with their Parent Councils could apply - if projects benefit the wider local partnership area and not just the school itself. 
  • Constituted groups and organisations that provide services to young people aged between 12-25 in Renfrewshire could apply. 
  • Applications must match one of the priorities set out by our young people below. 

Priorities of the fund 

Through youth participatory budgeting, young people from Renfrewshire Youth Voice have come together to set out what the £150,000 fund should be spent on and how it will benefit their fellow young people in Renfrewshire. Youth Involvement & Participation 

  • Removes barriers for young people to participate. 

Sport & Physical Activity 

  • Sport is more accessible and appealing. 

Promoting positive mental health & wellbeing 

  • Removes stigma and is positive about mental health and wellbeing
  • Involves young people and their families when dealing with poor mental health
  • Encourage open discussions regarding young people's mental health 

Employability & Youth Development 

  • Develops life skills for employment, budgeting and leading an independent life
  • Builds confidence, communication and social skills within young people 

New projects in response to Covid-19 

  • Helps young people recover from the impact of the pandemic