Renfrewshire Council

Travel, childcare and arrangements at Dargavel Primary School

Drop-off and pick-up at the school, travel to and from the school, Out of school care, Dargavel Nursery, school uniform and school handbook.

Drop-off and pick-up at the school

For both Bishopton and Dargavel pupils, drop off will be:

  • 8.45am to 9.00am for all pupils

This will be a soft start and pupils can go into the school building from 8.45am. 

For both Bishopton and Dargavel pupils, pick up will be:

  • 3.00pm for primary one pupils and their brothers and sisters
  • 3.05pm to 3.10pm for pupils travelling on home to school transport
  • 3.15pm for all primary two to primary seven pupils.

When the new school is ready, we will update Dargavel Primary parents and carers on the arrangements at the new school. The current arrangements at Bishopton Primary School will be considered when making these decisions.

Travel to and from the school

For all Dargavel Primary pupils living in Dargavel Village, we will provide a school bus to Bishopton Primary. Gibson Direct Ltd have been appointed the contractor by SPT. This service is temporary and will only be available while Dargavel Primary pupils are co-located at Bishopton Primary. We will confirm arrangements with parents and carers during the summer. 

You can read about arrangements for Bishopton Primary School

When Dargavel Primary School is open, children and their parents and carers will be able to use a wide range of safe walking routes to the new school.

See a  map of safe walking routes to Dargavel Primary School [11MB] .

Only a small number of children will need to get a school bus to and from their home when Dargavel Primary School is open. We will confirm who can get home to school transport before the new school is open.

The school travel plan is being reviewed and will be published on the school's website ahead of the new school opening.

More information about home to school transport

Out of school care

We are currently speaking with both Carli's Kindergarten and Bishopton Out of School Care on the arrangements for Dargavel Primary and Bishopton Primary pupils during August, September and October 2021.

Carli's Kindergarten remains the out of school care provider for Dargavel Primary, as selected by the Dargavel Parent Council. However, it's unlikely that both care providers can operate within the one school.

When the new school is open, Carli's Kindergarten will provide before and after school care as well as out of school care during the school holidays. They will also be flexible to meet the needs of all families and have a van they can use to transport children between Dargavel and Bishopton primaries. 

Parents and carers can also chose another out-of-school care provider, however only Carli's Kindergarten will be based within the school.  

Dargavel Nursery

Dargavel Early Learning and Childcare Centre will be located nearby, beside the local shops. This is within walking distance to the school.

See a  location map of Dargavel Primary School and Dargavel nursery [237KB]

School uniform

Dargavel Primary pupils will wear their Dargavel Primary uniform from August 2021. Both Dargavel and Bishopton primary schools will retain their own identity while they are sharing the same building. 

School Wear Made Easy and Set Schoolwear have the uniform colour and badge details for the uniform and parents can buy this in store or online. Parents and carers can choose an alternative school uniform provider if they wish. 

School handbook

The headteacher at Dargavel Primary School will work with the school community to develop the school handbook. The handbook will be shared with parents and carers as soon as it's available.