Renfrewshire Council

Pupils attending or applying to attend Dargavel Primary School

Applications and placing requests, school catchment area and linked secondary school, support for pupils moving to the new school, induction for Primary 1 pupils.

Applications and placing requests

We have contacted parents and carers who made placing requests for Dargavel Primary. If you have any questions about your placing request, please email

Most parents and carers whose child or children currently attend Bishopton Primary School have now confirmed if their child or children are moving to Dargavel Primary School or are staying at Bishopton. However, if you need to review your decision, email or call 0300 300 1481.  

All children who are within the catchment area will be able to attend Dargavel Primary School.  

School catchment area and linked secondary school

The catchment area covers the new Dargavel housing estate. If you have any issues with finding out what your catchment area is, contact the children's services team at or call 0300 300 0170.

The secondary school linked to both Dargavel and Bishopton primary schools is Park Mains High School in Erskine

Support for pupils moving to the new school

Moving school can be emotional for children and we understand that the delay to the building works being completed is upsetting for everyone.

Staff at Bishopton Primary have been preparing pupils to move to their new school and to develop resilience through structured activities. This work will continue until the pupils move into their new school.

We will also work with parents and carers to support your child to feel more settled in their new school. 

The headteacher at Dargavel Primary School continues to provide specific information to parents and carers to support their children for the move to the new school. This includes additional transition support for pupils with additional support needs.

If you have any questions about transition support for your child, please email or call 0300 300 1481.  

Induction for Primary 1 pupils

The headteacher of Dargavel Primary School has sent you information about the induction for new Primary 1 pupils to the school. These arrangements remain as previously advised now that all Dargavel and Bishopton pupils will be co-located between August and December 2021. 

Class structures

Dargavel class structure



Primary 1a & Primary 1b

Base 1

Primary 1c & Primary 1d

Base 2

Primary 2a & Primary 2b

Base 3

Primary 3a & Primary 3b

Base 5

Primary 4a

Hut 3 (New)

Primary 4b

Hut 4 (New)

Primary 5a & Primary 5b

Room 8

Primary 6 & Primary 7

Room 9(a)

TOTAL - 14 Classes


Bishopton class structure



Primary 1a & Primary 1b

Base 4

Primary 2a & Primary 2b

Base 6

Primary 2c & Primary 3a

Room 3

Primary 3b

Room 9(b) *

Primary 4a

Room 4

Primary 4b

Room 5

Primary 5a & b

Room 1

Primary 5c

Room 2

Primary 6a & Primary 6b

Room 7

Primary 6c & Primary 6d

Room 6

Primary 7a

Hut 1

Primary 7b

Hut 2

TOTAL - 18 Classes