Renfrewshire Council

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We're refreshing our approach to grass cutting in Renfrewshire

Grass in Renfrewshire will be cut more often and all at once as part of our revised approach.

From 5 April, council teams will operate a new fortnightly schedule which will see all grassed services completed at the same time and Renfrewshire broken down into 14 different areas.

The new schedule will see open spaces, school playing fields, public parks, cemeteries, as well as the grass and hedge cutting assistance scheme, all carried out in one day.

By focusing the council's resources into one area each day, this will increase the frequency of grass cutting for each local community and any areas missed will be completed the following day.

Hedge cutting will continue to be provided twice a year and will operate in line with the new grass cutting model, with communities seeing their first cut between mid-May and mid-July and their second cut between mid-August and the end of September.

Why is this a good thing?

Ken Gray, Renfrewshire Council's StreetScene Manager, said: "This will ensure that we focus all our resources correctly and have a fully coordinated grass cutting service for our residents.

"It will allow us to cut the grass more often so I'm looking forward to the new schedule beginning in April.

"It may take time to settle in so I would encourage residents to work with us to resolve any issues in the initial period by reporting them to us as soon as possible."

So when is my grass going to be cut?

You can check when teams are due to be in your area, and report any issues with the new service, by visiting - Grass Cutting.

Published 30 March 2021.