Renfrewshire Council

Message to staff in Children's Services from Director Steven Quinn

This message was issued on Wednesday 16 December to all staff in Children's Services.

Dear Colleague

When we returned to work at the beginning of January, no one could have foreseen the year that lay ahead and the impact that a global pandemic was to have on our home and working lives.

With our resilience, innovation and incredible efforts across all teams in children's services, we have continued to deliver and to care for our children, young people and families. Thank you for the commitment and dedication that you have consistently demonstrated.

It has been an exceptionally challenging year in both working and personal lives. We have adapted quickly and well to ensure we continue to support those who rely on us for their learning, wellbeing and safety. I recognise that many of you have undertaken this, while managing your own health and wellbeing and providing additional care and support to family and friends.

I also want to take a moment to remember our colleagues who have had to cope with the loss of a loved one or support others through bereavement. I am very aware of the impact of this and how difficult this time has been for many.

The collective effort, innovation and ingenuity shown across children's services has enabled us to continue to deliver quality learning experiences for our children and young people; ensure the continued safety and welfare of our most vulnerable children and families; and maintain essential support for some of our most vulnerable service users. Much of which has been strengthened by the close partnership working between education and social work colleagues. Thank you for this.

I would also like to pass my sincere thanks to your families for their patience and support throughout the year and for sharing at least in part, your working life during lockdown and beyond. At this time of year, we often talk about a well-deserved break and rest over the Christmas period. Never has this been more apparent and required. I am aware many of our colleagues will continue to work throughout the festive period and I want to ask that you please find some time in between to rest and spend time with the people you care about most. For those who can take a break, I hope you are able to genuinely switch off and relax.

Thank you once again for everything you have contributed this year. You make a huge difference to the lives of children, families and individuals in Renfrewshire. Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you when we all return, with some hope the year ahead will be a healthier and happier one for us all.

Very best wishes

Steven Quinn
Director of Children's Services