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Manager's guide for when a team member tests positive for COVID-19

What to do when a team member tests positive for COVID-19, contacting the COVID-19 Case Team, Chief Executive and Directors about positive test results, support and advice for team members affected by COVID-19.

A guide for managers and Heads of service when a team member:

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It is important that you record and report any COVID-19 absences immediately, as reports are sent to the council Corporate Management Team every day.

If a team member tests positive for COVID-19

If a member of your team tests positive for COVID-19 you must report the positive case to HR by calling one of the HR COVID-19 helplines: 

  • 0141 618 7323 
  • 0141 618 4031 
  • 0141 618 6676

The absence will now be broken into two separate periods of sickness as follows:

  • For the first 10 days of sickness - employee will remain on full pay, this will now be recorded on the unplanned absence entry screen where you record sickness and will be classed as 'COVIDSPECIAL - COVID' Special Leave. 
  • If the employee does not return after the first 10 days above, you will enter an additional sickness line as 'SICK - Sick Leave' and this will include COVID and Long COVID. The employee will receive sick pay when you record them as sick.

If the employee comes back to work, then is sick again due to COVID, the full process above will repeat.

The employee is still required to contact you on the first, fourth and seventh day of absence and you should record this in the normal way.

You do not need a fit note for COVID, but you will need a self-isolation note which can be obtained using the NHS service

Any employees who are ill as a result of COVID should receive the same support as you would offer for any other type of sickness, even when this is classed as COVID Special Leave. Referrals can still be made to the Occupational Health Service when required.

COVID Special Leave will not count towards the Supporting Attendance Policy meeting triggers. Informal supporting attendance meetings can still be held to discuss progress and any assistance required.

COVID Sick Leave will count toward the Supporting Attendance Policy meeting triggers.

If a team member is in self isolation

If an employee is self-isolating (currently only those who are not triple vaccinated and/or under the age of 18 years & 4 months) you must call one of the HR COVID-19 helplines and update on Business World as follows:

For managers who key sickness into Business World/ERP

Please follow the revised COVID guidance to see details of how to record the absence and see what else has changed.

If you don't use Business World, you must:

If another member of your team tests positive for COVID-19

Record the process for recording Positive COVID-19 cases above but also report this to your Head of Service or Director.

The Head of Service should then send an immediate update to the Council's COVID-19 Case Team for review and support as required. 

The Head of Service or Director should also send an update to Chief Executive Sandra Black as well as the other Service Directors for their awareness.

Contacting the COVID-19 Case Team, Chief Executive and Directors

Heads of Service should contact the COVID-19 Case team, the Chief Executive and Directors to update them about reported positive COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Case Team

Chris Dalrymple, Test and Protect / Public Health

Steve Fanning, Health and Safety / HROD

David Mair, Civil Contingencies Service

Lucy Adamson, Corporate Communications

Morna Armstrong, HR

Chief Executive and Directors

Alan Russell, Chief Executive
Email: alan. 

Alasdair Miller, Director of Finance and Resources

Mary Crearie, Director of Communities, Housing & Planning

Steven Quinn, Director of Childrens Services

Gordon McNeil, Director of Environment & Infrastructure

Support and advice for team members affected by COVID-19

If someone in your team has symptoms, tests positive or is affected by COVID-19 you should

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