Renfrewshire Council

We are fair

We are fair, we treat each other and everyone we deal with respectfully and work hard to build trust in Renfrewshire Council.

We will:

  • Be honest at all times - doing what we say we will do   
  • Be empathetic and non-judgemental   
  • Uphold the dignity of those going through life's most difficult experiences   
  • Support each other and be prepared to challenge behaviour that is out of step with these values   
  • Value everyone's wellbeing   

Our Communities and Regulatory Manager, Chris Dalrymple shares his thoughts on what this means for him:

three words that describe fair for me are respect, trust and transparency"

Chris has worked for Renfrewshire Council for 4 years having previously been with Glasgow City Council for 15 years. He is a Communities and Regulatory Manager and describes his current role as challenging, different and fast-paced. 

Our Values are important to me...
They are essential to who we are and the service we deliver. Most of us don't think about values as such, as they are built in and intrinsic in nature. Many people still look to and trust the Council, so it is essential we hold ourselves to the highest morals, values and regard to ensure we are doing our best for local communities.

I absolutely agree that we are FAIR...
The three words that describe fair for me are respect, trust and transparency and I believe that we are fair - it's definitely one of our core values. In the video I provide some examples of how I know fairness drives what we do every day - particularly within our local residential and business communities.

No two days are the same in this role and it always taxes the brain...
I really enjoy the variety and there's a lot of problem solving. As a 24-hour service, days can be long, and the phone is never off but I have a great team around me and they help make the days fly by. Normally I will be at my desk for 7.50am and leave at around 5.45pm before checking in later. In one day recently I had a meeting with managers, then onto a Covid-19 Test and Protect meeting, liaising with Police Scotland on Barshaw Park, a CCTV enquiry, a press enquiry on anti-social behaviour, a complaint, a seizure of product, Covid-19 queries about schools, quarantine accommodation and housing, a private water supply drying up, a report and meeting with one of our senior wardens - all before I had dealt with e-mails. 

It really is all about the team...
They are brilliant. From the managers to staff, they work so hard, under trying circumstances and I am proud to be their manager. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the great work they do and it shouldn't be taken for granted.

If I could change one thing about working here it would be...
Having more time. We need more time to reflect on the decisions we made. Everyone is fire-fighting now to try and deliver services. We don't have enough time to reflect and ask could we have delivered it differently and better to improve the service to communities. I would give us more time!

My biggest achievement to date...
Personally, it's having a lovely family and playing for Dumbarton FC for 3 years (1997 2000). Whilst I didn't play many first team games, I loved every minute of it.

Professionally it was when I worked on the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games both in the Bid Team (2006-2007) and then in the run up to the Games both operationally and for the environmental legacy. I wrote one of the bid chapters and presented to the Commonwealth Games Federation. The Games were a huge success for Glasgow and Scotland and to be part of it was magnificent. The Chapter I wrote was entitled Environment and Meteorology, therefore included Glasgow's weather. I promised it would be sunny for the Games and the opening ceremony (23 July 2014) was basking in sunshine when it had rained the 5 years previously. My job may have rested on the weather!

I'm a busy father of four, so spare time is usually...
Anything with the kids and normally revolves around sport and driving them around. I still try to keep fit and run twice a week.

A surprising fact about me is...
I have appeared in an award-winning computer game (Championship Manager) and also caused a continuity error in a Hollywood film starring Robert Duvall and Michael Keaton (A Shot at Glory).

For me, #LivingOurValues means that...
I try to instil our values in what I do, both at home (as a husband and father) and at work to staff and communities alike. I always try to go the extra mile and deliver a good service and treat people fairly and with respect. Collaboration and partnership working are essential to what we do and I value learning - always keeping my professional CPD up to date.