Renfrewshire Council

Suspend your taxi or private hire car operator licence

If you normally operate a taxi or private hire car but don't want to do this just now, you can let us know that you have stopped operating, temporarily. This means that you can reduce your current level of insurance, while you are not using the vehicle.

To apply for a temporary cessation, email us at with the following details:

  • name of the Licence Holder
  • the Licence Number to which the request relates
  • the date that public hire or private hire is removed from the insurance, and
  • confirmation that the plates and stickers have been removed from the vehicle.

This information will be passed to Police Scotland. 

To reinstate the licence, email us at attaching proof of satisfactory insurance and the date that this insurance cover began. When we've confirmed that we've received proof of adequate insurance, you can replace the plates and stickers on their vehicle. We'll let Police Scotland know.